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Welcome to Diamond Layouts

October 17th 2014

New things added! xmas Backgrounds

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October 10th 2014

So it's been forever since I actually did a real update and added stuff. Alot has happened to my site since I haven't been updating. My old drag and drop doll maker you can say pretty much sucks now because most images are gone. Some of the props images were linked to my very old piczo site and that's 100% shut down. I don't really have the time to fix it & no one really makes cartoon doll sites anymore anyways lol. alot has been new since i haven't been updating. I got a tattoo May 17th. My first tattoo. It's a big dream catcher on my upper arm. & I made the time to make a new youtube account with youtube videos! you can watch one below lol. Anyways the next update i will do eventually when I have the time will be adding xmas backgrounds. (as you guys can see the background menu, not all the links are up yet because i never finished adding all the background pages) besides that I will be deleting all the old sites I was affiliated with and start a new list, it will only be up to 10 the most. All of the sites I was affiliated with are all shut down.

Last year I didn't go trick or treating but this year I am! Yeahhh...I'm 21, kinda old so what? I'm going with my boyfriend. :) might as well do it while i'm still young plus why not..free candy.

June 7th 2014- I'm not dead guys!

So I will eventually update. I have just been busy with work related things, however this doesn't mean I won't add more content to the site. I Just haven't been having motivation either. How i everyone doing? I haven't talked to my friends with similar graphic sites. I'm pretty sure on my affiliates page a lot of the sites are down by now..

Oh well thats it for my update. So long until the next one! :)


Don't be rude|Comment if using any graphics of mine|Leave requests|& comment if you have any suggestions for the site

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